A Rajasthani First Impression

If Delhi was a diverse palette to choose from, then Jaipur was the artist who painted a masterpiece. Known as the “pink city,” this capital of Rajasthan was so much more than sandstone-colored walls. The cars, the sarees, the spices, even the sky were seasoned with color. It’s no surprise that Jaipur was the first planned city of India, a look at the streets and culture and you see that living in organized tradition was their mission. As I set forth to discover the city I felt a sense of warmth, a feeling of fragility, and a rush of intrigue. It was as if I had landed in an Indian fable in which I was the protagonist.  The landscapes were surreal, the locals were fraternal, the city was simply luringly magical. Here’s a few photos that managed to caption my first impressions from the “Land of Kings.”



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