Cooking with the Guru

As I had mentioned previously, I was in the mood for luxury and humility, all in one holiday, and what best way to connect with the simpler side of life than to take part in a community atmosphere. Everyday thousands of Sikhs gather at the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib temple as well as others throughout Delhi to take part in and carry out what is a volunteer only community.

Run on only donations, Sikhs offer time in their day to stop by and take part in chores around the site, some in cleaning, some in cooking, and some in serving. No task is too big, too small, more important, or less, all is equal and work equally to bring a real sense of an extended family atmosphere alive.  So when I knew about this place, I couldn’t possibly pass up the chance to help out and make some chapatis with the locals.

Once the meal was complete, the biggest reward was sitting side by side and enjoying the fruits of our labor together. Although I have no physical souvenir from this experience, I do leave with a memory so pure and beautiful like the temple itself that I will take and forever hold dear.

As I walked around the sarovar and saw the pilgrims bathing it really hit me how special this place was. There was a sense of safety, a sense of protection, it was a place where your worries were left behind where you took off your shoes. Maybe it was the Guru’s aura or simply the feeling of family amongst strangers, whatever it was, this place was undoubtedly one of the best experiences in my life and I could only hope to repeat.



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