Namaste India!

A few months ago I began pondering about what cultures I had yet to discover and what places I wanted to visit. After becoming familiar with the Portuguese series Caminho das Indias, I was left with an exotic craving. I wanted culture shock, I wanted picturesque scenarios, I wanted luxury and humility, so it was clear, it was time to fulfill my childhood fantasy of going to India.

Perhaps in a past life I was a pilot because I always have a fascination with the aircrafts, but this time even more so. I’ve been in the smallest of helicopters but had yet to go on a two-decker to Asia, so needless to say, when I saw the plane’s second story from the terminal window it hit me, sir, you’re in for the journey of a lifetime.

Ten hours and two chickpea masala meals later, there it was, “Welcome to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.” It was a sense of adrenaline, vulnerability, excitement, it was a cocktail of emotions, and as I got closer and closer to customs, the feeling only got stronger.

As the golden hands greeted me, as much as a they were a visual delight all I wanted to do was run through the cue and finally see  the place for myself, I wanted to taste the food, awe at the marvels, and smell that scent of infinitely burning incense that I’ll never be able to forget. I myself never liked incense and would go the other direction when I began to sense it, but for some reason in India rather than despising the smell, I became in love with what is now a fragrance tattooed in my mind.

Another hour later after dealing with immigration and currency, finally the imagery was coming alive. It was exactly the way I imagined it, even to the pickup by a black-and-yellow Hindustan Ambassador. There was no doubt now, I was finally in the land of my one thousand dreams.

After an invigorating language-daring drive into the city I finally made it to my new home away from home. It was tranquil, it was chic, it was undoubtedly a trendy treat for my sleep. Although the place was spectacular, it was this offering of Shiva and Ganesha that stole my heart, it was truly a foreshadow of what was to come. Being said, it was now time to say good night world, and Namaste India!



One response to “Namaste India!

  1. Wow!!Are you in India now? I have been living there, and I love that land!! I got so many good friend!!!Thanks for your comment on my blog…Chiara is also too cool as most of the blogger!!kisses!

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