Paris Fashion Week: DAY 1

As Milan had its final curtain call, Paris began what was an innovative and impressive fashion week. First up was Harry Halim which resulted in being a continuation of last season’s show. It was masculine and sensual with darker tones as well as a display of body draped gowns. It was youthful and flattering, overall a great show. Using the same esthetic but with an emphasis on fur and hair-lined pieces, Hakaan gave what was a fresh and sexy review filled with loose-fitting pants, sheer tops, and men’s blazers. It was young but mature, provocative but tasteful, it was a fashionable paradox.


Also young was Moon Young Hee. The Korean designer delivered what was an experimental and innovative showcase of black volumized looks as well as crystal embellished pieces. Although some looks were a bit draping overkill, the collection was overall wearable and new. Whether you like it all or not, there are some strong combinations that any woman would enjoy. But if Hee wasn’t enough, then Thimister is sure to serve what you need. Also using a mostly dark scheme full of innovative style and volumized shapes, Thimister proved to be just as much a treat for the ladies as it was for the gents. Full of woven cardigans, hair and wool coats, and daring neck-lined silk dresses, this was by far the best collection the label has ever produced and arguably the best show of the day. It was the perfect start to Paris Fashion Week.

Thimister (Above & Below)

Another show that was rewarding to both men and women was Nicolas Andreas Taralis. With splattered blood-like prints, flowing dresses, and distressed coats, it was a grungy almost macabre show. What could’ve been a disgusting result was actually quite interesting and wearable. Even with its dark edge, the collection was very vivid through its innovative and chic style. No matter how sinister or not you are, Taralis is sure to have something for you.

Nicolas Andreas Taralis (Above & Below)

At Anthony Vaccarello it was evident that the theme was “the little black dress,” as we saw it from beginning to end with an array of midriff peek-a-boos and sheer combinations. Although it was a bit simple it was definitely wearable and gave new meaning to the all-occasion vestment. But if Vaccarello gave us black, Aganovich gave us blue. With box fitting dresses and silk velvet blends, it was sixties’ mod all over again. Although the pieces were stunning, it was the contrast color piping that made the collection pop. It was young and feminine, truly a treat. Much the same could be said for Fatima Lopes. Using a minimal palette of black and white, Fatima worked the two into a display of asymmetrical and innovative shapes, and volumized pieces with plunging necklines. It was futuristic and young while retaining the classic flirtation and sass that Fatima always has. Lopes was undoubtedly one of the best shows of the day.

Anthony Vaccarello

With so many great collections kicking off Paris Fashion Week, the French have set a high bar of expectation, but will they be able to keep up the momentum in the week to come?


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