Milan Fashion Week: DAY 3

Day three could only be summarized as variety, every show was contrasting to the one before, and there was definitely an esthetic present for everyone. However, even with so much variety, the one thing all shows had in common was well made tailoring and wearability. At Massimo Ribecchi tango inspired clothes is what we saw. Sequin embellished tops, relaxed fitting pants, colored layered tops, and volumized coats, it was very Italian and tastefully trendy, perhaps one of the best shows seen this season in Milan. Also pleasing to the eye was C’N’C Costume National where we saw red leather jackets, body fitting pieces, knee-length coats, and wide lapelled rock blazers. It was rock meets geometric innovation, well done, young, and current. But if there’s one label that always manages to marry innovation and fun, that would have to be Etro. Using a cocktail of prints and bold colors, the fur-trimmed necklines and cloak-like coats grew a fun and young personality of their own. It was fresh, it was wearable, it was an ageless treat that any woman could enjoy.


But if there was one collection that embodied the meaning of what a trendy treat is, that would have to be Moschino. There were masculine and military inspired jackets, ruffled waistlines, and red floral prints, which all resulted in what could be called Moschino’s sweetest, girliest, and most flirty collection yet. As it was a continuation of last season, it was very strong in presence, but mistaken not, this is one review that will melt your heart.


One to surprise us this time around was Versace. Rock, Greek prints, and revealing cuts are all things we’ve come to associate with the Italian label, but this season those were things it was not. It was much more feminine and lighter, still sexy, still revealing, but if it weren’t for the tailoring we wouldn’t have known that Donatella was behind it. It was very Russian inspired, with Matryoshka doll floral prints, and military inspired buttoned dresses, it was a new Versace. It was unexpected, contraire to the seasons before, goes to prove that sometimes change is a good thing.


Expected but delightful was Les Copains. There was no shock from the embellished dresses, pleated skirts, and sheer lace pieces, it was tasteful, it was wearable, it was a safe bet that paid off. Even if Belen Rodriguez hadn’t walked, this collection would’ve been worthy of a buzz on its own. Also worthy of attention was the show at Antonio Marras. With ultra masculine collars, voluminous jackets, and a wide display of dark colors and texture, it was overall strong, chic, and very sophisticated, a smart bet for any woman who wants to look sharp.

Antonio Marras

Also using menswear as inspiration was Gabriele Colangelo where we witnessed lace camouflage dresses, box-fitting outerwear, and ruffled metallic coats. It was overall simple, clean, current and innovative, in deed an option for any woman who likes to carry herself with sophistication.

Gabriele Colangelo

At Blumarine menswear a took a leave and femininity rang strong. With a hint of sixties’ mod, mixed with bold colors and lace dresses, Blumarine gave us what was a basic but ultra feminine and young collection that any young gal could wear showing as much or as little as she feels comfortable with her body. It was definitely about options.


Another name who kept it pretty simple but knew what to deliver was Aigner. Although the innovation was a bit absent, the velvet skirts, and warmly colored jackets, were enough to compensate for what was a smart, chic, and very Italian display. But if Italian is the game, Gianfranco Ferre is one who always plays and wins. Delivering blazer dresses, metallic colors, and tailored a-line skirts, we were given classic Ferre femininity with a revamping dose of colors and cuts, it was tasteful wearability without a doubt.

Gianfranco Ferre

As Milan Fashion Week reaches its half point, each day has produced more impressive but even more varied fashion. It seems that next fall women will have much to choose from. With half down, what will the next have in store?


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