Milan Fashion Week: DAY 2

As Milan Fashion Week continues to roll with full force, day two proved to have something for every taste, from the youngest of city gals, to the most mature of the style savvy. At D&G it was clear that the spin-off label’s mission was to be loyal to the young market which helped the brand flourish. Alphabet prints, and neon colors in fun and feminine shapes, it was all a trip back to elementary. What was almost an orthographic catastrophe resulted in a wearable review that would have more than two dads re-enrolling in school for aid with such a trendy tutor.


At Fendi it was clear that Karl Lagerfeld had his doing in the collection, it was classic Fendi reinvented, pure genius. It was a collection about fluidity, there weren’t any body suffocating pieces, rather there were oversized jackets and classic silhouettes with innovative coats. Although the collection was exquisitely stellar, it was the ruffled neck accessories which made an already impressive show even more impeccable and perhaps the best to come from the fashion house. Undoubtedly this is a collection for no gal to pass up on.


Whatever your purpose or occasion may be, Haute proved to have something for everyone at anytime. Although the body sculpting dresses, metallic colors, and dandy inspired looks were fantastic, it was the contrasting outerwear that was star, an absolute treat any woman should have. But for even more incredible clothes, look no further than Ermanno Scervino. There the seventies’ took a dance with classic Italian style in what was an array of mostly neutral menswear inspired jackets, and sheer tops. It was tasteful, it was elegant, it was a real collection for real women.

Ermanno Scervino

Blugirl revealed this season to have that fun side we always knew it had. It was forties’ gangster dipped in color, menswear was indisputably a source of inspiration. With feather pieces and bold colors, it was very chic, wearable, fun, and young, a complete unexpected treat. Also surprising us in what has been for that past few seasons more unexpecting each time around was Prada. If last season was about bananas, this time around it was definitely about oversized plaids and fish scales. With belted hips, and a seventies’ style, the fur-trimmed jackets and contrast piping proved that this wasn’t classic Prada, but that it was still wearable, young, and girly.


This season there were two names that were the definition of mature elegance. One was Albino where dark tweeds, settle prints, and fur-trimmed coats were present, and the other was Luisa Beccaria. There we witnessed woven tops, a-line skirts, fish scale-like prints, and neutral tones. Both were simple but proved to be classics that if worn by any woman would leave them no less than beautiful.

Albino (Left) Luisa Beccaria (Right)

Also a master of simplicity and beauty is Max Mara. Simple silhouettes, furs, leathers, and buckles, Mara proved that he understands the woman’s body and yet managed to give new meaning to our car’s seatbelt buckle. Although minimally simple, it was an elegant and conservatively provocative show. Definitely wearable and a sure bet for any woman.

Max Mara

But if its innovation and experimental shapes you crave, then you will want to immerse yourself in Krizia. With voluminous pieces, menswear as ready-to-wear, defined shoulders, and silk draped dresses, Krizia proved to be contemporary yet posses old world charm. It was young, sleek, and sharp, definitely refreshing and a great way to end day two.


As the second day wraps up, Milan is proving why it was voted 2010’s best dressed city, the style seen the last two days is undoubtedly polished and all the more chic, it seems that the Italians clearly know what a trendy treat is.


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