Milan Fashion Week: DAY 1

As London is simultaneously closing their fashion week with men’s day, Milan is beginning to what by today’s standards was a superb and colorful Italian display of fashion. The day was definitely about celebrating the woman in her entity, as was clear at the Franco Scognamiglio and Paola Frani shows. At Scognamiglio, we saw a very sexy, feminine, and provocative collection with revealing peek-a-boos and daring necklines all in an array of neutral tones. It was all very sensual and very tasteful, definitely for a woman who’s comfortable in her skin. At Frani it was about texture and embellishment. With feather and leather jackets, lace dresses, and Swarovski encrusted fur-trimmed pieces, the collection was very Italian in its silhouettes, embracing the woman’s body. Although the lines were simple, the collection oozed of elegance. But if we were to combine both shows and comprise into one, then Gucci is what we would see. With a cross between fifties’ classic elegance and jet-set menswear, Gucci delivered what was a boldly colorful display of furs, hair skirts, sultry dresses, and flower-like detailed blouses. It was powerful, it was confident, it was a strong collection that any woman could and would want to wear.


Leaving the fifties’ we have Alberta Feretti, whom delivered a sixties’ mod inspired collection infused with electric colors. Using classic shapes of box-fitting coats and body draped pieces, the collection was overall simple but well done. With the bold choice of colors, Feretti received the B-12 shot of youth we didn’t even know it needed.

Alberta Feretti

Also present on day one was a hint of rock which has come to be synonymous of both Roccobarocco and John Richmond. At Roccobarocco, it was obvious from the opening with the anthem, that this was an homage to the Italian woman through history, and so it was, but with a rock edgy appeal. There we saw metallic lace prints, voluminous skirts, hound’s-tooth prints, and an extensive attention to detail. It was sassy, it was young, a great show overall. Much the same can be said for John Richmond, whom where we saw bold colored gowns, fur jackets, and feather-lined dresses. Although it wasn’t anything new, it was beautiful and wearable, one of his strongest collections to date. He truly proves that rock can also be synonymous of sophistication.

John Richmond

Jo No Fui was another to opt for classic Italian style, which proved to be a great move as the collection proved to be young and wearable. With plunging necklines, fur-trimmed pieces, warm tones, and simple lines, all on body insinuating silhouettes, Jo No Fui gave us a show which was smart and chic truly a treat for any minimal but modern girl.

Jo No Fui

At Angelo Marani Fall marked the start of hunting season or at least it seemed through the extensive display of fur-trimmed vests and plaid cloaks. Using leopard prints, warm bold colors, gold sequins, Marani gave us a collection full of movement but with even more intricate detail. Although it was a more mature collection, there were pieces that any woman any age could enjoy. If this is a foreshadow of the next game season, men be weary, you might have some new prey.

Angelo Marani

Rounding out what was an impressive first day of Milan Fashion Week is No. 21. Using menswear at times for inspiration, as well as a woman’s femininity as her asset, No. 21 gave us a display of woven tops, daring shots of cleavage, with leather and textured pieces. Although the collection was simple and low-key in color, it was age appropriate for all, tasteful, but above all wearable.

No. 21

With Milan completing it’s first day, a week of always impressive and innovative fashion is set to come forth, what will the next five days have in store?


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