John Galliano fired from Christian Dior

Apparently this was this video which cost John Galliano his position as Creative Director at Christian Dior. After an odious display of anti-Semitic rants, the label decided to let him go. As Natalie Portman, who happens to be Israeli and proudly jewish,  accepted her win as best actress and her ad as the face of Miss Dior Cherie was unveiled, Galliano was inebriated at a Parisian locale signing his end with the French power house.

The Fall/ Winter 2011 line is still scheduled to show later this week in Paris, however it is still unclear on whether or not Galliano will be allowed to attend what is as of today is his last Dior show. It’s such a shame when the pillars fall, it’s like watching Rome burn once again. Last month at the Haute Couture show he blew us away, but will this last collection be able to overshadow the scandal he single-handedly weaved into creation?

Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S ’11


One response to “John Galliano fired from Christian Dior

  1. Such a disappointment as the fashion industry has struggled with it’s designers. Like the loss of Alexander McQueen, and the memorable Christian Lacroix. It’s a shame to possibly be losing another extraordinary member of the industry. Although Galliano’s actions have no excuse for the insensitivity and crude remarks, it would be a shame to have such talent go to waste. It will take an uncertain amount of time until forgiveness can be achieved (if at all). But I wish the best of luck to Galliano and to the house of Dior for it’s irreplaceable loss. Let’s hope events don’t repeat themselves anytime soon.

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