London Fashion Week: DAY 6

If we ever wondered why there wasn’t a London Men’s Fashion Week, today we understood why. There’s not much to show and from what there is, only a few are worth a gander. There’s a fine line between tastefully simple and flat out boring, and more than a few went past the point of no return. Most notable for doing this was Mr. Stuart which was so bland that ten time watered down punch would have more flavor. We get that men wear suits and classic coats, but that’s no excuse to fling creativity out the window. Now if what you want is simple elegance, then look to Topman Design. With high wasted pants, velvet pieces, and plaids, the collection was basic but well done, a tasteful bet for any man who wants to be settle and chic at once. Now if you want simple lines with edgy twists, then Christopher Shannon is sure to fulfill. Using textile blends, and striped prints, Shannon gave us a sportswear review which was a bit mountain climber meets style. It was a bit experimental, a bit daring, but above all wearable.

Christopher Shannon (Left) Topman Design (Right)

Doing sixties’ British style with a contemporary makeover was J.W. Anderson. There we witnessed leather jackets, pleated skirts, and daring pieces, all done with the finest of tailoring. It was a refreshing and wearable option for our day to day wardrobe.

J.W. Anderson

Serving a great display of wovens was the James Long show. There the knitwork was the absolute star, it was a bit scruffy but finished, it was definitely an alternative twist to grandma’s classic crochet sweater. Although overshadowed, the loose fitting pants and volumized tops are not to be missed. It was undoubtedly a chic and modern showing, a collection no man should miss out on.

James Long

But if those wovens were a bit overbearing for your taste and what you want is a simpler silhouette, then Omar Kashoura is sure not to disappoint. Also playing with knits but in a simpler way, this collection proved to be full of interesting pieces. It was young and current, a true collection that an everyday men could sport.

Omar Kashoura

However if your style is more on the eccentric and eclectic side, the Katie Erie is sure to catch your interest. It was a bit punk meets a Halloween energy drink. There were spider-like prints, bright colors, fitted pants, and fleece trimmed jackets. Although the collection was very young and playful, there was an odd wearability that it possessed. Perhaps not a collection for all, but it certainly does have interesting pieces.

Katie Erie

As the men’s day comes to an end, so does the final day of London Fashion Week. With some of the worst shows seen, London was also capable to give some of the edgiest, most innovative, thrilling, and spectacular shows we’ve ever viewed. So as London takes a bow, Milan warms up its motors and prepares for what is sure to be a fascinating  Fashion Week.


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