London Fashion Week: DAY 5

With day four proving to have what were some of the most lack luster shows seen this London Fashion Week, day five was suppose to be the redemption. Unfortunately this was perhaps the most boring day of showcases in any fashion week’s history. Although many of the shows revealed a wearable collection, what we were really craving was creativity and innovation. Having said that, two shows where we saw great use of basic materials were Emilio de la Morena and Fashion East. At Emilio what we saw were sheer peek-a-boos, textured skirts, and fitted dresses which made for a simple but beautiful collection. Also using quite a bit of sheer materials was Fashion East where we saw men’s inspired pieces, woven tops, fitted pants, and knitted dresses. Although the collection wasn’t the most exciting, it did prove to have key pieces to any woman’s wardrobe.

Fashion East

But if there was one collection that proved to be worst in show, that would undoubtedly by Meadham Kirchhoff. Although some pieces were stellar, for the most part it was scruffy and unfinished, a hodgepodge of unsatisfying delights. It looked like a doll’s wardrobe and not in a good way, it was what a five year old would make as clothes from rags and scraps. Luckily Ashish was there to show us how to cross scruff and chic. Using Britannia prints, plaids, and unfinished ends, the collection proved to give new meaning to the word flannel and to revive the always eccentric British punk era. Full of attitude and youth, this was definitely an alternative option for casual street wear.


However, if what you desire is a more sophisticated esthetic then Roksanda Ilinic is your label. With a colorful display of body draped pieces, silks, and plunging necklines, it was a cross between classic elegance and femme fatale. Also keeping up with sophistication and color, but in a more printed way was Mary Katrantzou. With an eccentric display of printed silks that seemed like scenes taken out of a Bosch painting, as well as simple necklines and experimental waistlines, the collection proved to be unexpected, eclectic, and oddly wearable at the same time.

Mary Katrantzou

As a preview for LFW men’s day, Alfred Dunhill revealed his suggestions for the upcoming fall. Classic men’s suits, woven cardigans, tailored pants, the showcase was no surprise. It was wearable, but unimaginative, real clothes that any Joe would wear on the street. Taking note of menswear was Aquascutum which used it as inspiration as was clear in much of the collection. Also showcasing a savvy blend of colors and textiles, the show proved to be young and modern with an easy wearability.


As this fifth day wraps up, two shows that were unimaginative but yet sophisticated and chic were Marios Schwab and Amanda Wakeley. Both using the philosophy of simplicity being synonymous of elegance, Schwab created a collection of real clothes for real women of any age while Wakeley recreated the multi-occasional simple dress. Not the most thrilling shows, but still worth a gander. That being said, women’s five days come to an end, and men will finally have their share of style on the final day of London Fashion Week.


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