London Fashion Week: DAY 2

As London Fashion Week kicked off to incredible start, day two had to up the ante, and so it did with a spectacular showcase of real clothes for everyday women. At Louis Gray what we saw was an outrageous collection of brilliant separates. With colorful metallic embellishments, it would be too overbearing to wear them together, but individually they proved to be beautiful everyday pieces. It was much the same at John Rocha as well, scruffy skirts, fitted waists, all done in textured materials proved to be alternative and one directional if worn together. But regardless, were still staples to any wardrobe. Using menswear inspired cuts, well made leather pieces, and fur skirts, Betty Jackson delivered what was a young, trendy, and wearable collection. The pieces were all genial, but it was the sheer floral prints that were the biggest treat.

Betty Jackson

Using the simplicity theory to their advantage was Charles Anastase which gave us a variety of knee-length coats, tailored pants, settle prints, and velvet dresses, all done in simple shapes with basic lines, but that oozed of elegance and taste. Also with a very rich and mature collection was Clements Ribeiro where leopard-paisley blended prints truly gave life to what was an already exquisite showcase of loose skirts and volumized tops. It was a very basic collection, but very intricate in its details.

Clements Ribeiro

At Issa London, classic British style was in store, but with a colorful and playful twist as seen on the wide range of prints. With flirty dresses, flowing pants, and plunging necklines, Issa delivered what was a feminine and wearable collection for women of all ages. Jaeger London also delivered for the everyday women, but with a more commercial display of sophisticated sheer print tops, innovative jacket lines, and volumized coats. The collection was current, the concept was clear, real clothes for everyday woman.

Issa London (Left) Jaeger London (Right)

House of Holland is always a delight because color and playful shapes are never missing. As rock glam set the tone, the collection was a bit reminiscent of an early Vivienne Westwood. It was full of prints, pearl embellishments, and feminine cuts. It was young and definitely for the dresser who has a sense of humor, overall it was pleasing. But even more enjoyable was the show at Jonathan Saunders. Catering to both men and women, Saunders managed to keep the same esthetic on both sides, menswear for him, and men’s inspiration for her, prints, and above all color. It was fun, it was playful, it was a treat for both.

Jonathan Saunders

Two shows which used innovation and experimentalism as their forte were Daks and Kinder Aggugini. At Daks we witnessed volume from sleeves to shapes, as well as quilted skirts done in simple lines. It was loungy and settle, yet wearable and trendy. Aggugini definitely played with thecuts of their pieces creating an edgy yet flirty review thanks to the floral peek-a-boos. It was young, it was feminine, it was perhaps one of the best shows of the day.

Kinder Aggugini

As day two concludes, London is proving to outshine what New York Fashion Week was, but will they be able to keep this momentum going?


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