New York Fashion Week: DAY 8

As New York Fashion Week officially comes to an end, it did not leave without making a lasting impression. Although the day was about simplicity, it was definitely synonymous of elegance. At Son Jung Wan we saw body draped dresses with an impressive display of ruffles and tasteful tweeds. The leather skirts and pearl embellishment were just an added bonus to what was a strong and wearable collection. At Ralph Lauren simplicity took us on a creative journey through history. What began as the British exploration with an all black menswear inspired and tailored lined display took us to the conquering of the Orient, which was evident with the Yao inspired necklines, fine silks, and dragon-like prints seen. IT was smart, it was clean, it was young, this is real clothes for real women, absolutely a hit!

Ralph Lauren

Two shows that did not disappoint as youth is concerned were Ivana Helsinki and Elene Cassis. At Helsinki we saw simple lines full of detail, from prints to textures with fringe and feathers, it was strong, but young and flirty at the same time. At Cassis body fitting shapes with volumized sleeves were in store. With an impressive display of textile combinations and great use of materials, Cassis proved to be young and sophisticated all at once. But if it’s youth you really want then look no further than Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B.. With African inspired shapes, mixed with menswear rock, and a bit of colors and plaids, Gwen proved that diversity is great, it gives us plenty of options. This is one collection that was spot on current and even innovative with experimental lines and shapes. An absolute treat!


At Naeem Khan what we witnessed was spectacular evening wear, from feather skirts, to Swarovski encrusted prints, it was an diverse, but even more so beautiful. With floor length gowns that draped over the body, he delivered a sensual, regal, and elegant collection. Also elegant but in a more minimal way was Calvin Klein. Although after a boring display at his men’s show, Francisco Costa proved he does understand the CK woman. Although the collection was a bit repetitive, it was sophisticated and it was chic. Using a pretty neutral palette of grays and camels, Costa redeemed himself with this one.

Naeem Khan (Left) Calvin Klein (Right)

If what you want is the best of both worlds, then Lulblu Kira Plastinina is your show. It drew from Khan’s playful lines and embellished work while retaining a sexy but simple appeal as seen at CK. It was young, it was fresh, it was definitely made for a modern city gal. With Lublu completing the line-up, New York Fashion Week comes to an end. With an impressive eight days of American fashion, London now prepares the final touches to what is sure to be an edgy and innovative display of British style.


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