Wearable Hydrating Pants

Today in Barcelona the brand Beauty:K unveiled a set of pants which were quite peculiar, not exactly for their tailored fit but rather for their effect. Apparently there is such a thing as rejuvenating fit, the best part is you can’t tell at all.

 The pants count with a controlled release system especially made for fiber textiles which permits active cosmetics to seap through the material and on to the skin in a periodic manner. The two treatments available for the pants focus on microcirculation and the elasticity of the skin with anti-celulite and hydrating ingredients.

As is to expect the treatments do run out with multiple washes, but need not to worry as you can purchase and reload at anytime. Cutting edge, perhaps not, but interesting, a bit yes. The pants are to shortly be available on the market.


One response to “Wearable Hydrating Pants

  1. Without seeing it, the idea sounds pretty cheesy–like something you’d buy from an infomercial (hello, Bumpits!)
    But these pants are totally hot: both stylishly designed and well-constructed. Leave it to the Italians! Now the only question is….how much do these bad boys cost?

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