Paris Haute Couture: DAY 3

The first two days of Paris Haute Couture were spectacular, but day three was undoubtedly the best. The morning began with On Aura Tout Vu which proved that peek-a-boo cuts don’t always have to be vulgar but can rather be beautiful and chic. It was an experimental collection with feathered sleeves, swarovski embellished shoulder pads, feather necklines, and flowing dresses with an element of grace. It was sex appeal with elegance. The show to follow was Franck Sorbier where we had color, prints, and a bit of fantasy. It was very different to what we have come to expect from him. There were beautiful dream-like gowns as well as what seemed to be pieces from The Lion King wardrobe.  It was a bit eclectic but it was very fun and young, and oddly went together. Not a total hit, but still enjoyable.

 Franck Sorbier

At Elie Saab what we saw was quite the contraire, it was more of a soft and demure elegance. It was mostly a nude toned collection composed of extensive ruching, elaborate beadwork, floral prints, and occasional pastels. It was feminine and gentle, which reminded us why he is the king of evening wear.


Elie Saab

If Saab was the king of evening wear, then Gaultier proved to be the master of innovation. The mohawk said it all, this collection was about edgy glamour. Black volume skirts, striped dresses, tight-fitting silhouettes, and larger than life pieces, this collection proved that you can be young, fun, sensual yet elegant all at once. The next to show was Maxime Simoens where we had a collection fit for the modern business woman. There were plenty of suits with beaded fringe, light prints, even feathers. The a-line skirts were impeccably tailored and the outerware proved to be young and fresh. It was definitely a collection that any young woman would love to sport.


Jean Paul Gaultier

One collection that proved that you can be simple yet elegant was Maison Rabih Kayrouz. At first glance, you can’t help but think that it is quite similar to Rochas’ Pre-Fall. It was very minimal with sleek silhouettes, which easily could have been boring, but the true excitement came with the use of color, and the contrast of coarse belts on fantastically made dresses. It was simple but exquisite, sophistication and regalness at its best. Definitely a collection no one should overpass.



Concluding what was a day of beautiful high fashion, Valentino certainly ended Paris Haute Couture on the perfect note. We saw a collection which was clearly about texture, from the intricate folds and weaving on the dresses, to the feathers and crystals which adorned the gowns. Although it was a bit safe, it was beautiful, classic Valentino. We had pops of the signature red, and dresses inspired from the trademark rose. It was as if Mr. Garavani had never left, it was a collection authentic to label’s name. With Haute Couture officially having been complete, ready to wear finishes its last-minute details to what is sure to be an exciting month of Women’s Fashion Weeks.


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