Paris Men’s Fashion Week: DAY 1

With the conclusion of Milan Men’s Fashion Week, a celebration of fashion is born in Paris. Although the day was short of showings, it certainly did leave much to discuss. At Thibaud Etcheberry we saw a bit of blues, greys, cremes, tanks in printed suede, oversized cashmere wovens, tappered pants, and a whole lot of rock and roll, it was a bit reminiscent at times of “Beetlejuice.” It’s not a collection for all, but it was definitely for the young and edgy. At Roland Mouret what lacked in innovation was compensated in classic and elegant minimalism with fine tailoring. Mostly in grey and camel, what stood out was the use of red leather for footwear, truly the trendy treats of the show. In the Marais, Ehud showcased their newest offers for autumn which were very clean and sophisticated, neutrals were the main color although the pops of blue, red, and bronze were a nice delight. With knee-length trenches, shiny jackets, and fine tailoring, this perhaps wasn’t the most innovative collection, but it was very well done.

Thierry Mugler

Lastly, perhaps the most discussed show of all, Thierry Mugler. With the collaboration with Lady Gaga as Creative Musical Director for the show, it was no surprise that the collection would receive major press, causing it to be the most visited site of the day according to FWA. Gaga delivered, but leaving music aside, we were revealed a collection that fit the soundtrack. Orange, navy blue, black, and olive-green set the tone to what was a showcase of loose-fitting pants, body-tight tops, and grungy boots. The theme was “anatomy of change,” which is exactly what we witnessed from start to finish. Business suits slowly began taking on a non-traditional style and turned more into a grungy glam attire. We’ve seen more edge from the label before, but overall it was still innovating and wearable, a collection not to pass. With a great start at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, the next few days look very promising.


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