Milan Men’s Fashion Week: DAY 4

With a great three days of fashion, comes a fourth and final, thus closing Milan Men’s Fashion Week. Overall it was a great day of showings although not all were as impressive at others. At Giuliano Fujiwara what we saw were camels, blacks, and celestial blues with classic cuts, fine tailored suits, and an array of eccentric accessories, which if it weren’t for them this collection would have been one to pass. At Gazzarrini grey, brown, and mustard were the tones to the belted coats, printed wovens, and shear loose-fitting clothing. Although the collection was contemporary and well-tailored it wasn’t anything new, we’ve seen it all before. If innovation is what we want, then Z by Zegna delivered. It was truly a collection for a man on the go with an effortless style, hints the theme of travel seen at the show. High volume coats, belted tops, and leather apparel mixed with camels, blacks, yellow, and greens, with a dose of plaids and checkers, makes for a new, slightly edgy, and elegant collection.

Z Zegna

Giorgio Armani was another to deliver that classic Italian elegance with a touch of masculinity and sensuality. Silk, suede, and velvet were what mostly composed the black, grey, and surprisingly lilac colored garments. According to Armani, what we need for the fall are relaxed fitting pants, double-breasted knee-length coats, and body fitting cardigans. The collection was truly a showing of all things Armani does well, impeccable tailoring, minimal simplicity with grand elegance,and making a man look like a proper gentleman. A showing that was truly a trendy treat.

Giorgio Armani

Lastly what we witnessed was clothing for the fashion adventurous. Neil Barrett delivered a mixture of leathers, furs, fleece, and suede, although the color was pretty monochromatic with a few occasional spots of camel. Tight fitting pants with moderately volumed tops, and exquisite tailoring, overall created a pretty fashion forward collection. At DSquared the twin duo took us on a journey to the mountains where in the rural, men found trends and style. It was a bit Montana with the use of denim and grey, and it was a bit Argentine gaucho with the use of black and white with the handkerchiefs and hats. Looser fitting pants, suspenders, fitted tops and belted coats rang in present, all together creating a collection which was very classic, very elegant, and very casual all at once.

DSquared2 (Left) Neil Barrett (Right)

With day four concluding, so does Milan Men’s Fashion Week. Overall it was a fantastic group of shows ranging from a modern dandy to a trip back to the seventies’, and a few more surprises in between. The fashion stops for now in Milan but continues on to the French capital. What trendy treats will Paris have in store for us?


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