Rochas: Pre-Fall 2011

A mixture of rough Scandinavian and Parisian elegance, could both describe the Italian-Swedish designer, Marco Zanini, and the Pre-Fall collection he revealed today at Rochas. A play with size and prints only begins to describe it. “I took the chance to experiment with several shapes that I will propose and develop for the runway collection… It’s like an ongoing sentence for me… With pre-fall, I developed a look that is a consequence of my spring-summer collection.” Mostly collarless tops, loose pants, and wide skirts, it was a similar replay of last season’s spring collection minus the scarves. All in all it was a bit stiff, almost dull, but the awkward-chic vibe it has as well as the fabric choices do give it a bit of excitement. This again is only pre-fall, we’ll have to wait for the full fall show. It has potential to go either way, he is a man of surprises, this could be a great gamble that pays off even better dividends.


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