Givenchy: Pre-Fall 2011

Here are a few of the looks of Givenchy’s Pre-Fall 2011 collection, a set of ensembles which were revealed today in New York City. They featured staples of Riccardo Tisci’s design, lace, sharp tailoring, hardware, and the ever so poetic romanticism that always lets you know its his, but this time they were downplayed a bit. That Victorian and Baroque style weren’t so apparent this season, it was more about the “street,” which is clear in the color choices and stylism used. Olive green, black, brown, and grey were the palette of choice used throughout the cropped trousers, silk dresses, heavy leather work and fur. All together creating an ever so kaleidoscopic collection. Obsedia was the name for this season’s work, a name seeming fit, since it’s exactly what we saw “dea” being Greek for combination and “obsession” It was exactly that, a mixture of many things, we’ll definitely have to wait and see the rest in March at Paris Fashion Week.


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