NEW Additions to Ports 1961 + Jimmy Choo

It seems that with new times, new additions follow. It has been revealed that this year we can expect a couple of new surprises on the market, the first to be unveiled next week at Milan Fashion Week. Ports 1961, set to launch their men’s footwear collection, after much limbo, the luxury brand has decided to go forth with their decision. While energized by the international community, Ports has always taken a multi cultural approach to design its collections. Each representing a modern point of view, associating high performance with luxury and comfort.


Alike Ports 1961, Jimmy Choo is set on recapturing the male target as well. Nine years after exiting the men’s market the British accessory brand has decided to re-enter the market with a collection featuring from dress shoes, and moccasins, to casual biker boots, and sneakers.  If we recall the collaboration with H&M, it was a complete hit in the males sector, if we were impressed then, what can we expect now?

Along with their shoes, Jimmy Choo will shortly be launching their fragrance for her at the their New York store. If Choo is hailed for his creative classic design, fine craftsmanship and surprising comfort, what will he surprise us with his fragrance?


2 responses to “NEW Additions to Ports 1961 + Jimmy Choo

  1. I love the photgrapher who took the first photo! it has an art appeal to it. Men definitly need more of any great designer, especially jimmy choo.

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