Add Design to the lsit…

It seems lately that rather than bring you the cool, Trendy Treat is a shrine to Gaga, but the women simply does not stop! Again she is to work on a new project but this time as a designer, reminding us that if you don’t think of Gaga when you see fashion, then you’re clearly mistaken. As recently revealed by her sources, the Bad Romance star will be unveiling a new line of lingerie under her own name which should be ready to hit shelves towards the end of the year, beginning of the next. 

A move which seems very fit for her, since she likes to make the biggest of statements in the lightest of garments. Her looks are to represent her fetish lifestyle and most memorable moments, and “bring her touch to the most intimate of moments.” Gaga is also set to launch her own scent, Monster, after a collaboration with fragrance makers Coty, which is set to be released in early 2012.


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