Lady Gaga & Polaroid unveil collaboration

Last year Lady Gaga raised expectations when she was named Creative Director of Polaroid. After many months of collaboration between the two, today at the Consumers Electronic Show in Vegas, they unveiled to world what the fruits of their joint labor can bring. If we all recal her infamous video for “Poker Face,” the lasting image is her by the pool wearing these peculiar spectacles reading “pop” and “Gaga.” Many have tried to imitate them, needless to say, they’ve been an item many have craved, and today that hunger is nourished. After tempering with several models the final prototype has been released. As part of a new set of products called GREY LABEL by HAUS OF GAGA, the first item is what could be called “camera glasses. ” The shades come with an embedded LCD display, and truly act as a wearable camera and can snap photos, be pre-loaded with videos or slide shows, and truly enable real-time sharing.

The second of the  featured items was a relaunch of the classic Polaroid camera of always but with a few tweaks that made it cutting edge. It’s a camera that comes with a swivel screen which allows you to scroll through the pictures and customize them, choose which ones you fancy and which you dislike, and print all with the press of one button. The photographs print the same standard size of 3×4 inches, and the best part is that it does not use ink, it does not use cartridges, and it does not harm the environment, as it is part of ZINK Technology. (zero ink) Truly a trendy treat in deed. An additional printer was featured which works the same way as the Polaroid camera with an identical aesthetic, the only difference is than you can hook up your other cameras and mobile phones and print instantly as well. With 40 prints per charge and using heat rather than ink, this is truly a smart buy.

Although these items have officially been unveiled, the actual launch to the public will be this May. It’s amazing what technology can bring us, it completely brings back the culture of photography rather than leaving all the snaps on a chip, without a doubt these items are on the TrendyTreat hotlist!


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