2011’s Trendiest Treats to visit

With film, food, and fashion shaping the way we live or want to consume, travel has now become more than a simple escape for r+r. With the newest trends and crazes occuring in our society today, TrendyTreat has come up with its top picks for the must visit hotspots for the new year.

1. New Delhi, India

Probably one of the fastest growing cities with the most cemented roots to history. Skyscrappers booming all the more rapidly, telecomunications at there finest, and one of the fastest economies said to be almost on par with the Japanese, New Delhi still manages to maintain its culture and folklore as it was 5,000 years ago. Just take a stroll down Chandni Chowk and browse through the many bazaars where you’ll find everything from saris, spices,  infinite statues of Ganesh, and every bead in between. Yoga is also at its core, every morning at the Lodi Gardens, and as far as for monuments, this is the capital of the India, you’ll have more than you can remember. As far as for food, your options are infinite, my advice is Delhi belly or not, enjoy! India is truly the land of the most contrasting beauty.

2. Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

Nicknamed the Pearl of the Orient, it’s no surprise that this city would be on any globe trotter’s wish list. China has shyly but effectively opened up it’s closed doors to the world, and what travelers have found are nothing less the marvels. Shanghai having been colonized by the British, like any colonized territory tends to have a great deal of youth. Youth plus ancient traditions equals the perfect aperitif. If ancient is what you seek, temples are a plenty, and every morning it’s a very common sight to see locals practicing tai chi along the banks of The Bund. If cosmopolitan is your fancy, then sight-see the beauty of the Pearl, and when the night falls, the city becomes a glowing showcase for the gem it is. Though ancient, Shanghai has perhaps one of the most exciting night scenes in the world, just be sure to arrive a tad early to get a good view, as most places have terraces overlooking The Bund, it’s one view you won’t want to miss. My advice is don’t think about it, just put this pearl on, you’ll love to live this jewel.

3. Jerusalem, Israel

With a recent boost in spiritual tourism, it’s no surprise to find Jerusalem on the list of many. Being the center of 3 major religions, ethnic diversity is evident upon arrival. You have the entire ancient city with the Western Wall as well as the Dome of the Rock at your feet. Whether spiritual or not, the places demand presence. But if spirituality is not the reason of your travels then there is the young side to Israel to fulfill your desires. With the Dead Sea at hand, a pleasant day trip is easily attainable, where you can unwind and amaze in the buoyant waters. Nightlife is also not forgotten in the holy land, with Tel Aviv at a little more than half hour away, Tel Aviv is throbbing with chic bars, clubs, and plenty of excitement as any other metropolitan city. The city also boasts of many places to sight-see as well as a beautiful coastline set on the Mediterranean Sea. Need an excuse to go? Think when was the last time you went to worship. Now make up for the lost time.


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