Gaga, you’re not the only one…

It seems these days that fashion is no longer about what names or fabrics you sport but literally WHAT you are wearing. Lady Gaga astonished at the VMA’s with her infamous meat dress which to all of us creative minds was a huge hit. Props for creativity and executing an oddly macabre attractiveness. It seems her ensemble was the source of inspiration for Korean creator Seong Yeonju who substituted the use of silks and threads and traded them in for fried eggs, tomatoes, bubble gum, chives, and more. Her mission with her “Wearable Food,” was to “force viewers to defy the actual meaning, the functionalities, and the aspects of what clothing signifies in our lives.” Mission accomplished! She is set to showcase in Los Angeles early next year at a Korean Contemporary Art Group Exhibition. So, what style are you?


Winter Mushrooms



Lotus Roots

Bubble Gum

Shreaded Bread

Spring Onions


Red Cabbage



For more information on upcoming exhibition visit


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