Stripes, the new B-12

Rumor has it that CEO of Prada, Patrizio Bertelli, was all but impressed by the new S/S collection Miuccia unveiled during Milan Fashion Week recently, but whether you agree with him or not, there’s no denying it, stripes are most definitely back. We saw them in almost every show from Fendi to Prada. Missoni‘s infamous zig zag print had a more horizontal reconstruction including a mixture of both solid and printed stripes. At Gucci, Giannini gave us an option to the traditional stripe by embellishing them with beads, and then there’s Karl. Who ever thought that he could be so much fun. He really gave a new meaning to the words “eye candy.” It was so delightful and jubilus to watch as Fendi came alive with a B12 shot of youth. Fendi being so dark and sexy proved us all that under those fur winter coats there’s a young flirty girl who’s still daddy’s little princess. As he said “there are two things that I like in life, what I haven’t done yet, and what I haven’t witnessed.” Mr. Lagerfeld, we like it too, you’ve given us another reason to look forward to Spring. So however you like them, you’ve got plenty of options, just make sure they’re not crossing, or you’ll get a crossed stripe.

LEFT: Prada, CENTER: Fendi, UPPER RIGHT: Missoni, LOWER RIGHT: Gucci



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